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beer keg & beer barrel

About Us
GUANGZHOU JIANHENG METAL PACKAGING PRODUCTS CO., LTD is a design, manufacturing and sales company specializing in the production of the beer barrel,beer keg, beer tap, beer coupler,etc. Company was established in 2007, ...
Factory Tour
We are professional beer keg manufacturer for many years, we supply Europe keg, DIN keg, US beer barrel,etc, volme from 5L to 60L, good quality and good service bring us worldwide customers, we sell kegs to Europe, US , ...
Quality Control
All of our kegs are with international standard made and quality meet customers's requests. Component testing drop test hard pressure test
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Address : Jiu Zi Village, Hua Dong Town,HuaDu District, Guangzhou City, China
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+86-13570976335(Working time)
13570976335(Nonworking time)
Fax : 20-667485